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     So yes I'm finally back.  I should start simply by saying I'm sorry for sucking!  Ok that is now behind us.  To move along it has been a substantial time since I've posted anything on my own Fucking website, yes again I know , I suck!  Listen I originally started this website as TampaBayMetal back when I had just recently moved there and was going to every possible kickass Metal show possible.  My family and friends were all like hey tell us about the show blah blah blah, and then they are like well you should have a website to talk about all this.  So  was the birth of my short lived TampaBayMetal.com. 

     The Idea was great and I was having fun with it.  Not to mention having a fucking blast going to as many as 6 concerts a week.  In my experience Tampa Bay has the best Metal scene on the fucking planet!  Of course it may have been a combination of numerous planets aligning just so, like meeting my best friend Silvinka at the Metal Alliance show way back in September of 2017.  After that amazing show with the mighty Overkill headlining and all the other amazing bands that day, The Distinguished Order Of Disobedience, Blackfast, Havok and of course Crowbar!  Wow...I may have forgotten someone but trust me they were amazing as well. 

     My thoughts are a little jumbled right now so bear with me.  Anyway Silvinka and I went to as many shows as possible together for the next 15 months I think.  What an amazing time.  These are memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.  She and I are and will always be best friends.  I however right around September of 2018 decided to move back to Charleston South Carolina to be with my Daughters and twin granddaughters.  Also a great day job.  I hated to leave the Metal scene in Tampa Bay, my best friend Silvinka and family and friends but sometimes hard choices have to be made.  When this decision was made it was obvious I couldn't continue with a website called TampaBayMetal.  So we changed it to my moniker ElectricEddie.  I've had this nickname since somewhere around 1985 from the coolest biker I've ever known, "DOC"!  That was when I lived in Tampa Bay the first time. 

November 13th...Fuck Yeah!

I'm totally fucking excited these 3 guys are coming.  I'm a long time huge fan of them from way back Long Island N.Y. teenage years listening to WRCN.  We went fucking insane when the debut Atlantic release dropped...Fucking amazing record still to this day!  It and all the Zebra records are on my normal rotation..Love them!  Met Randy once in Summerville South Carolina @ Shooters.  He is a great performer and amazing sweet guy!



November 6th...Fuck Yeah!




November 3rd @ White Buffalo Saloon in Sarasota...Fuck Yeah!




October 27th @ Jannus Live...Fuck Yeah!




October 25th @ The Brass Mug...Fuck Yeah!



Tickets: https://brassmug.ticketbud.com/david-allan-coe