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October 17th @ The Orpheum...Fuck Yeah!




October 16th @ The Orpheum.  Don't miss it...Fuck Yeah!




Better late than never.  I completely blew doing a review of this show last month, been busy.  I didn't get any pic's worth posting but to quickly at least give the bands some credit.  The opening band UME, were a lot of fun.  They were kinda punk, kinda metal with a pop hook.  The lead singer guitar player was very impressive, she had crazy energy which made the performance in my opinion.  I felt like she had a Debbie Harry "Blondie" kinda vibe which is very cool as I'm a big Blondie fan.  The bands performance was very entertaining the songs were good.  I look forward to what they do in the future.


The Sword were nothing short of amazing.  I'm a huge fan of their music so I absolutely loved the performance.  The song selection was great What else can I say they were as expected, Fucking awesome.  Since the show I've read that they are taking a hiatus, I hope it's very temporary as they probably deserve a break.  But I definately want more from them down the road.